Looking forward to Chromebooks


Mrs. Giancola

Sophomore Adrianna Heary says she is hoping that Chromebooks will add some excitement to classes.

Adrianna Heary, Guest Contributor and former Staff Writer

Have you ever been so bored in class that you fell asleep? Did you ever wish class were more pleasing? Many students feel this way.

Starting sometime in the 2018 school year, Gowanda High School will be getting Chromebooks for all grade levels. Many people have different perspectives about this; however, Chromebooks will make school better.

First, Chromebooks will make students feel more organized. Students often carry their book bags filled with pencils, notebooks, folders, textbooks, etc. Instead of having to haul all of that stuff, students would be carrying a Chromebook. It would be much easier and lighter.

In addition, many students work at very different rates. So adding Chromebooks to our school would make students feel more comfortable working, and it would let them work at their own pace. Chromebooks are more efficient.

Another reason Chromebooks will make Gowanda High School better is learning how to use technology. Using a Chromebook daily will show you many useful sites that you could use for the rest of your life. Technology is becoming/already is a part of daily life. So learning young will prepare you.

Chromebooks are a more efficient way of learning. Chromebooks will make students work harder, and they will make school better/easier.