Consecutive blowout losses diminish some fans’ hopes

Kruszka's commentary

Andrew Kruszka, Sports Editor

In week 10, the 5-3 Buffalo Bills were set to match up against a 6-2 New Orleans Saints team that had won their past six games and was looking to hand the Bills their first loss at home this season. Buffalo was definitely looking forward to moving past the upsetting Thursday night Jets game, where their play was sickening to say the least.

The game began with the Bills putting together what would be one of their best drives of the game, but only 3 points resulted. The contest then got ugly, very quickly and sadly.

There’s no need to recap the game anymore because if you didn’t watch the game, just know that the Saints scored 47 unanswered points until backup quarterback Nathan Peterman went in for the Bills and put together the best-looking drive of the game. That, though, was the last one of the game for the Bills.

47-10. Two losses in a row to the New York Jets, who were 3-5 at the time, and the 6-2 New Orleans Saints. Some say both games shouldn’t have been won, but should have at least been closer.

One stat that is absolutely horrifying is the 298 yards of rushing allowed by the Bills defense, while the offense could only scruff up 69 yards on the ground. That is very unacceptable, especially for a defense that is known for their run stoppers, Kyle Williams and Jerry Hughes just to name a few.

Another ungodly stat is that the Saints controlled possession for more than 40 minutes! Buffalo’s offense could not for the life of them stay on the field. Terrible.

To make the stats sound even worse, the Bills were a combined 2-12 on 3rd and 4th downs. You simply can’t beat any team in the NFL, let alone probably most college teams, with these stats.

To look at it from a bright side which in this situation is so hard to do, the Bills are still sitting at 5-4. Believe it or not, the Bills hold that sixth and last spot for the playoffs. I think this is great because it shows that even at our worst point in the year, we’re still a legitimate playoff hopeful.

Buffalo will take that bright spot and travel to Los Angeles to play the 3-6 Chargers. This, it seems, is a must-win game. An AFC opponent that is looking for the same thing the Bills are, the Chargers aren’t as bad as their record makes them look.

The Bills need this game to amp up the team again and get back to the winning ways, and to step up and not let the straggler teams like the 4-6 Jets, or the 4-5 Ravens catch them.

Breaking news came in Wednesday morning that Head Coach Sean McDermott made the decision that former starter Tyrod Taylor will be benched for Sunday’s game against the Chargers. Back up Nathan Peterman will play under center and will maybe bring a new spark to the team.

I question this decision just a bit, because I like the aspect Taylor brings to the table that he doesn’t turnover the ball often and knows how to win with the defense being very good and running back LeSean McCoy backing him up. Peterman does get the ball out of his hand quickly and showed this past Sunday that he can put together a successful drive. It will be his first ever start in the NFL and if he shows promise, he could be around for a while. Veterans on the offense like Lesean McCoy and tight end Charles Clay will have to guide Peterman in the right direction.

It will be a change of culture as Taylor has started the games for the Bills at quarterback for most of the past three seasons.The business of the NFL is to win, and obviously McDermott and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison didn’t see that in Taylor.

I BILLieve that the Bills will come up on top of the Chargers in week 11 even with the switch at quarterback. The defense will reclaim their identity and the change under center will hopefully prevail. Bills 22, Chargers 17.