Buffalo falls to the Chargers with Peterman at the helm

Kruszka's commentary

Andrew Kruszka, Sports Editor

The 5-4 Buffalo Bills had to travel across the country to play the 3-6 Los Angeles Chargers, a team that’s better than its record indicates. Even though the Chargers have lost six games this season, they still have played very good football.

Rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman would make his first NFL start in this game. The game started with Peterman looking pretty good, as he had a couple nice throws to tight end Charles Clay, then a pass to wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (the pass was caught but Benjamin was hurt and left the game). One of Peterman’s passes was then tipped and intercepted by the Chargers defense and brought back for a touchdown.

The next drive, Peterman threw another interception, giving the Chargers great field position but they missed the field goal attempt. After that, a drive that took two plays, both runs by running back LeSean McCoy, Buffalo was on the scoreboard.

Briefly, the score was tied at 7. After that, for the third week in a row, a blowout started. Peterman threw a total of five interceptions in the first half and that resulted in the score being 34-7.

It was then time for another change, apparently, as former starter and backup quarterback for that game, Tyrod Taylor saw the field. He went into the game, and no, didn’t spark a comeback, but he gave the offense a little something to start cooking, as in my opinion he looked good. He was 15 for 25 with 158 yards throwing and a touchdown.

The game finished with a 54-24 score with the Chargers on top.

The Bills entered the game with a 5-4 record and a playoff spot, they traveled across the country, and they put their rookie quarterback on the field.

Yeah, rookie coach makes rookie mistake. Let’s face it: Peterman had no right even playing in this game. Tyrod Taylor is the best chance this team has at quarterback of winning games and making it to the playoffs. If Taylor starts that game, as bold of a statement as it is, we win!

Now for the playoff picture. As a fan, I can still sit here and say I’m confident in this team making it. The Bills at 5-5 are out of the picture but they hold the same record as the Baltimore Ravens who hold that sixth spot. Get a couple wins, get the confidence going, and it’s all up from there Bills fans.

In week 12, the Bills will play the 6-4 Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. A game that, come on people, is a must-win game. If they win this one, they play the Patriots in week 13 and that, I believe, will determine whether the season is a trust or a bust.

My prediction goes to the Bills this week. A game that is a must win, and I think the change at quarterback will put a fire under Tyrod Taylor’s butt and he’ll perform well next week. He’s ready to lead this team, and he’ll have LeSean McCoy behind him backing him up. Buffalo 29, Kansas City 22.