Why I’m pro-life


Mrs. Giancola

Junior Alexa Urbaniak explains her views on this controversial issue.

Alexa Urbaniak, Staff Writer

Did you know that a baby’s heart and organs start to form only four weeks after conception? The first signs of a heartbeat are usually detected around the fifth week, yet can be as early as the fourth. Most women find out they are pregnant anywhere between 3-12 weeks after conception, which means that these vital signs of life are in place.

People that are pro-choice argue that a baby is not a baby until around the second trimester. However, I believe strongly that as soon as a baby starts growing, it is a baby. The characteristics of life are all there: there’s a heartbeat and organs are forming. Why wouldn’t it be a baby in the first trimester?

Many people believe that a big reason women have abortions is because of rape. In reality, less than one percent of abortions are due to rape. In most cases, it is because the parents are not ready to bring a child into this world.

If you knew you were not ready to bring a child into this world, why would you even risk it? We all need to take responsibility for our actions; this being one of them. If people are going to have sex, there are ways to prevent the possibility of a child. Sometimes, those ways of protection don’t necessarily work, so you are still risking bringing a child into this world. But if you are not ready for that risk, there is quite a simple way to prevent it from happening. Don’t have sex.

Society should not be expected to cover the cost of your inability to go to the local Rite-Aid and buy a pack of condoms or your inability to wait to have sex until you are of an appropriate age to support you and your child. People say think before you speak. Words are a lot less serious than a child, so think before you have sex on behalf of the people who will pay for your food stamps and health care.

This brings me to my next point. People may say that since they already had sex and didn’t use protection, or did use it and it didn’t work, what now? They aren’t ready to take care of a child and regret getting pregnant. Aside from abortion, you can look into adoption. Some may say that it would be awful to send a kid to an adoption agency because they are likely to live their life out there. Not true. Plenty of families want to welcome a newborn into their homes, especially ones that cannot have a child of their own. A lot of these families will even work with you during the pregnancy. You can get to know the family about to adopt your child while you are still pregnant.

Pro-choicers may argue that being pregnant at a young age, which is generally when women get abortions, can ruin your life. A lot of the women that get abortions are between the ages of 16 and 29. This shows that they are relatively young and probably not settled down yet with a husband or a career. It sounds overwhelming to add a baby on top of all of that. Keep in mind that people can be successful even if they are young when they have a baby. They just made a bad decision to have unprotected sex, or had protected sex and their method of birth control failed. This should not be put on that baby.

Another argument about how abortion should be a woman’s choice is that it is her body and she should have the right to choose. Yet it is not just her body anymore. She has a child growing inside of her. This child that is inside of her has just as much of a right to live as she does. That baby relies on its mother for care. She made a careless mistake, so why should the baby suffer? Why should an innocent life be taken away because someone is selfish?

To conclude, I believe abortion is murder. If someone were to go up to a pregnant woman and kill her, they would be charged for double homicide. So how is killing the baby growing inside of a woman who is pregnant any different than someone else killing her? In both scenarios, a life is being taken away from the innocent. The definition of murder is “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.” Doesn’t that fit what abortion is? One person killing another person?

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