Beane rocks his first Bills draft

Kruszka’s commentary

Andrew Kruszka, Sports Editor

The 2018 NFL Draft appeared to be a hit for some teams, but for others, a bust. The Buffalo Bills had some holes to fill during the draft and as seen in past years, teams can build through the draft. That’s not exactly what this team is looking to do; I’d say we’re looking to polish a few holes to put a better team out there than what they were at the end of last season.

The team shut the door on a grueling 17-year playoff drought, but sports analysis are doubting the Bills for the upcoming season as they did last.

For the draft, the Bills had an eye on a guy that they wanted. Josh Allen, quarterback out of Wyoming was seen by many teams as an overrated young guy that has no accuracy. People see this and overlook his big 6’5” 223 lb body, with overpowering arm strength and speed that most linebackers can’t match.

The Bills traded up to the 7th pick to get their guy, as they took Allen. In my eyes, I didn’t think that we could have gotten the best quarterback in the draft at seven, but we did. That’s a win for Head Coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane.

To go along with winning in the first round, the Bills traded up again to take Tremaine Edmunds, a linebacker out of Virginia Tech. This again looked like a blockbuster pick, drafting a 19-year-old powerhouse that isn’t even fully grown yet. If he can stay on the field, he could be an unstoppable force in the Buffalo secondary.

After that, the Bills added to the defensive line with Harrison Phillips out of Stanford. This I see as a quality pick because Kyle Williams’ career is coming to an end. After signing a one-year deal in the offseason, his soon to be 35-year-old body is looking like retirement is right around the corner.

In the fourth round, Buffalo added Taron Johnson, cornerback out of Weber State and in the fifth, another cornerback out of Jacksonville State, Siran Neal. These two guys could be a force in the secondary to add onto the good work that cornerback Tre’davious White performed last year.

In the later rounds, the Bills added to their offense with Wyatt Teller, guard out of Virginia Tech, Ray-Ray McCloud, wide receiver out of Clemson, and then Austin Proehl, wide receiver out of North Carolina.

This was a draft that at points, looked very well for Buffalo and they cashed in on some good opportunities. ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper gave the Bills an A grade for the draft, one of the best. The team did well, and for General Manager Brandon Beane’s first draft, he definitely over achieved. “We’re looking to build on every aspect of the game. Whether it’s through the draft or in free agency, we’ll do what it takes to put a better team out there.” This was said by Beane during the post draft press conference held with him and Coach McDermott.

After getting a taste of what the playoffs are last season, this Bills team looks like one that is on a mission. Last year wasn’t a one-time thing. This team is gonna bring it, and it seems to me that the front office is working their tails off to be able to compete week in and week out.

As the offseason keeps dwindling down, Buffalo needs to keep up the good work. I think the Bills will have a legit shot at not only getting in as a wild card next season, but contending with the AFC East Champion, New England Patriots.