A field of my own

This senior recounts a childhood memory


Mrs. Giancola

Senior Kasie Salzman thinks back to a simpler time in her life, as she prepares to graduate early.

Kasie Salzman, Guest contributor

Being a child is all about growing. You always hear the saying “You’re growing like a weed.” Well, when I was younger, the weeds were how I would measure my height. Running through the giant field behind my childhood home, I started out just glimpsing at the sky and the grass. All of the kids in my neighborhood would play in the field because my dad mowed paths and let us run free. While the years went by I was able to see more and more of the world around the field, growing taller and taller until I could finally see above the grass.

As a kid, the field was my playground. We played hide and seek, caught fireflies, and even camped out in it on the weekends. Some days all we did was lay on the dewy ground and watch the clouds float across the sky while the bees buzzed around us. It allowed us kids to feel like we were in a whole different world while just a whistle away from reality.

But as we got older, we started to change. We would leave the house to have fun and people moved to better towns. Dad mowed less and less until the paths were hidden and you practically had to be Indiana Jones in order to find your way through them. But, despite being older, whenever us kids wanted to let the world go back to how it was, we went into the field. It was always our comfort zone.

After a divorce, a graduation, and few additions to the family, we no longer live in that house. But it’ll always be there for our memories, even after we all have families of our own to tell our stories to. Hopefully someday they’ll be able to find a field of their own.