The expense of being female

There's no way around it: being female is costly.

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There’s no way around it: being female is costly.

Emma Taylor, Staff Writer

Being female normally costs more than being male. From shoe prices to shaving cream, women usually pay more. This is known as the pink tax.

According to, “The pink tax refers to the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services. Things like dry cleaning, personal care products, and vehicle maintenance. So not only do women make less but they pay more. Women also live longer so they actually need more money for retirement. It’s a load of crap.”  

Females get paid less, and yet everything is more expensive. It just simply isn’t fair. Also according to, “Did you know, tampons and pads are charged sales tax because they are considered ‘luxury’ items. Periods are certainly not a luxury and I’m sure every woman on the planet would agree.” Women need feminine products, it’s not a want. It is necessary.

Women pay more for a variety of items. Don’t believe me? Here’s some numbers. Women pay 7% more for toys and accessories, 4% more for children’s clothing, 8% more for adult clothing, 13% more for personal care products, and 8% more for senior/home health care products.

In some stores, women’s plus sizes can be $12-$15 more than women’s “regular” sizes, when men’s plus size is the same price. This doesn’t just affect adults, it affects children as well. Pink products cost more than the “boy’s” toys. For example, a boy’s helmet costs $14.99 versus a girl’s helmet, which costs $27.99. The girls’ toys are normally priced 13% higher, simply because they are pink, a “girl” color.