The best choices to make in life are healthy ones


Mrs. Giancola

Freshman Violet Haring won second place in the Healthy Choices Art & Poetry Contest for her work. The contest was sponsored by WNY United Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Inc.

Violet Haring, Guest Contributor

It’s funny the way we live, always making choices.

Life-changing decisions that sometimes have loose ends

the best choices to make in life are

–healthy ones–

Instead of going out to drive thrus, spend relentless hours making dinner

Learn to love it even if you don’t at first

It’s not just the food that our generation needs to work on

it’s our atmosphere.

The way we see life and everything in it

how we absorb things, how we communicate.

There’s lots of things to learn.


Even small things like time management and planning for your future.

The biggest thing overall is to learn to care about others.

Show integrity and take time to understand other people’s situations.

Physical health is connected to mental health

most children play sports or do some kind of activity.

I think your physical state affects your mental state, and vice versa

I would imagine it could impact the way people think of themselves and others.

It’s hard to know what the right decisions to make are

but it all starts and ends with you.