Mrs. Giancola

Sophomore Madison Boggs won first place for her work in the Healthy Choices Art & Poetry Contest. The contest was sponsored by WNY United Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Inc.

Madison Boggs, Guest Contributor

Why take drugs or drink alcohol?

Why do cocaine, LSD or acid?

Why drown yourself in alcohol?

Why smoke marijuana or cigarettes?

Why even vape?

Why give up and give into drugs and alcohol?

Why let drugs and alcohol control your life?

Why let them have that kind of power over you?

Why would you chose to always chase after something that isn’t permanent?


Shouldn’t you choose to do something better?

Shouldn’t you want the power to control yourself?

Shouldn’t you be able to control your own life?

Shouldn’t you try to do something greater in life, that will make people remember you?

Shouldn’t you try to do something better other than quit before you even gave it your all?


I choose to do better.

I choose to have the power to control myself.

I choose to control my own life.

I choose to do greater, even if people won’t remember me long after I have passed.

I choose to give it my all, even if I get knocked down.

I can always get up and try again.