Inside the mind of a football fan

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Senior Josh Enser says his appreciation for football makes Sundays even better.

Josh Enser, Guest contributor

Time is priceless. Every second is nonrefundable. Every second disappears into the past just as fast as it occurs in the present. Every second matters in life. I spend these precious seconds analyzing and following football. Although I don’t play the sport, the sport still defines me as a person. Without football, my life is filled with a sixty minute void. 

While time is priceless, it is also sluggish. A day is compiled into only twenty-four hours. However, those hours can feel like an eternity. To combat this, I surf through football news feeds and websites. Short articles and videos eliminate the day’s boredom with ease. They also offer a slew of information to keep my brain engaged. Such information allows me to know what is happening in the football world in real time. Staying up to date in football is important, but also in life in-general. If you fail to know the facts, you are setting yourself up for failure. I strive to always know the facts rather than the speculations and opinions. 

Since there is ample time within the day, I spend a large part of it researching for fantasy football. Monitoring a player’s schedule, performance, and even injuries is key to win each week’s matchup. A lot of decision making and problem solving goes into fantasy. I spend hours contemplating a decision to determine if it is beneficial. Again, knowing all the facts is crucial. If I make a poor decision, it will affect me in the long-run. While fantasy is enjoyable, I find interacting with my peers to be the most amusing. Whether it be bragging about a player, debating over a trade, or just discussing the sport. Spending time with like-minded people helps me build upon my social skills and personal knowledge. Interacting with your peers is an important part of everyday life. There is no way to avoid it. Luckily for me, fantasy football is a resource that is built upon peer interaction. 

When it is all set and done, everything comes down to gameday. All the web surfing, researching, and bickering ends at kickoff. The time has finally come to sit back and watch the game unfold. Nevertheless, my work is not over. Even though I am not calling the plays, evaluating and analyzing such plays is a must. Not all plays are created equal. Some plays work while others fall apart quicker than a blink of an eye. Why is this important? People have to look deeper than just the stat sheet. A team or player’s  performance is dictated by the play calling of the coaches. A loss does not translate into a team being labeled as a “bad team”. Nor does a win label a team as a “good team”. At the end of the day, you have to look deeper than the box score. Scratching the surface will just give you a misinterpretation of a team or player. This also carries over to the real world. You have to dig deep to understand a problem and how to solve it. Thanks to watching football, I realize that misinterpreting a problem will just create more problems in the future. 

At the end of the day, there is only 60 minutes in a football game. Every play makes the clock run. Every second is a second that a team cannot get back. Coaches have to make every second count. Just like the coaches, I have to make every second count as well. Time is limited in life. I have to make the most of it. I have to spend my life doing something I love. For me, that something is following football.