Cutting your life short

This poem won first place at the 2019 Healthy Choices Art & Poetry Contest.



Freshman Logan Forthman’s poem is actually shaped like a pair of scissors. This is an appropriate image, given his message of cutting bad habits out of your life. The Phoenix staff posted an easier-to-read version.

Logan Forthman, Poet (and staff writer)

You don’t

want to keep going,

trust me. It just isn’t

worth it. You’re just 

cutting your life

short. You think 

you look cool now?

news flash. You don’t.

I’ve seen what happens.

People just make fun of you.

That’s the truth. I know 

this because I’ve seen

it  happen. It doesn’t 

matter what it   

Is. social 

media can          

lead to  


life choices

or suicide

vaping and 

other drugs are even

worse. the health risks

are so much higher than 

the supposed payoffs, not

That there are any payoffs.

I hope that one day, people

can stop making bad life choices