Healthy choices

This poem won third place at the 2019 Healthy Choices Art & Poetry Contest.


Mrs. Giancola

Freshman Neveah Konwicki says that the inspiration for this poem came to her quickly and she captured her thoughts to share with us.

Nevaeh Konwicki, Poet

Healthy choices lead to a better life and a better future

Even younger children know what healthy choices to make
Anyone can make healthy choices if they chose to do what is right

It is easy to make heaLthy choices

These choices are very important
Having a good diet is one of many healthy choices
You can make healthy choices everyday

Drug abuse is NOT a healthy Choice
Having an addiction to bad substances like alcohol is not a healthy choice
Or having a better mood and being happy more often!
I chose to make healthy choices.
Choices like these make your life so much better and healthier
Everyone should make healthy choices
So start making more healthy choices in your life!