Greco bowls a perfect game


Adrianna Heary

Senior Trevor Greco stands poised with his lucky bowling ball. After throwing several strikes, Greco admits feeling the pressure of possibly throwing a perfect game. "I had never been that nervous before. Even when I thought I couldn't get anymore nervous, I did."

Adrianna Heary, Staff Writer

A 300 game is very hard to achieve. Most bowlers never score a 300 in their entire career.

However, senior Trever Greco not only earned a 300, but he also broke the record for the youngest person to get one at K & L Lanes.

Greco mentioned that he would still be as happy even if he didn’t break the record. But he added, “To know a record was broken is pretty cool.”

Greco explained that the game was very nerve-wracking. He said that after five strikes, he started thinking about the 300. But after 10, he couldn’t believe it was happening. He said it was difficult to keep it together because he knew that “one mistake and it could be all over.”

According to Greco, the last strike wasn’t the best strike. But once all the pins fell down, the place went crazy. Greco said he remembers jumping up and the hugging sophomores Kurt Stitzel and Andrew Kruszka, and senior Jared Krajewski. Greco added that he received countless hugs and handshakes.

Mrs. Greco, Greco’s mom and also a Gowanda middle school teacher, witnessed her son’s feat: “You could see his nervousness, but he kept his cool. In the last frame, the first strike was clearly there. The crowd of parents and bowlers cheered but quietly.

“You could see that every eye in the alley was on Trevor. The second ball of the last frame was off a bit and the 5 and the 7 pins were very slow to fall. By now the tension and excitement were pretty great.

“After the final strike everyone cheered. I don’t know if relief or joy was greater for me at that point. It’s amazing to see anyone roll a 300 game. When it is your son that does it you feel so proud as well as amazed.”

Coach and elementary teacher, Mr. Lipinski recalled the moment this way: “The first strike in the tenth frame was perfect.

“The second strike he threw was a little outside his mark, but the ball came back. You could tell he was nervous and excited at the same time before his last ball. My heart was pumping as fast as his was.

“The last strike he threw was inside. The ball held because of the oil and all ten pins went in the pit.”

Greco shared that the reaction of Doug Heckman, K & L owner, was one he especially remembers. Greco has known him since Greco was 5. Mr. Heckman hugged Greco and congratulated him.

Greco has received special rewards. His name will be posted in the bowling alley. He mentioned that Steven Grimm, the previous record holder for the youngest person to bowl a 300 at K & L sent him a congratulatory message through Facebook.

Greco’s story appeared in four newspapers as well, the Salamanca Press, Olean Herald, Dunkirk Observer, and the Gowanda News.  He also received kudos on the GHS Morning Show.

Not many people have bowled a 300, and to do it at the age of 17 is remarkable. Greco will go in the history books.