Teacher enlightens students


Mrs. Giancola

Mr. Bugenhagen, business teacher, shakes hands with sophomore Andrew Kruszka, staff writer for The Phoenix and author of this article.

Andrew Kruszka, Staff Wrtiter

Everyone has that one teacher from high school that when we all look back on and remember them we just smile. For an abundance of GHS students, this teacher is the one and only Mr. Bugenhagen!

He brings a smile with him wherever he goes. It seems to be that whenever he’s talking everyone tries to tune in on his word.

Most people see him and think, “Oh this guy’s going to be tough,” but once you meet him, he’s just a jolly nice old teddy bear.

Mr. Bugenhagen also knows when to goof around and when to get down to business and I believe that’s one of the main reasons why his likability has skyrocketed.

Most students will always remember the great things he does for Gowanda. He is a business teacher and an adviser for the National Honor Society.

For some he works as a guidance counselor because he knows how to listen to students.

Mr. Bugenhagen spends his first and last period of the day with students in the Behavior Education Program (BEP). His supportive nature inspires many of the Panther student body and helps students get through tough times.

He also is the coordinator for the Model Office program here at GHS. He matches up students with teachers and both reap the benefits.

It’s truly amazing how much Mr. Bugenhagen does for our school and we appreciate his work. Students and teachers wouldn’t know what they would do without him at Gowanda.