Someone to thank for our clean environment


Caitlin Samargian

Sometimes we take our clean halls for granted and forget how they remain this way.

Caitlin Samargian, Staff Writer

Have you ever looked around our school’s halls and seen garbage or trash?  I don’t know about you, but I never seem to find any rubbish laying around. You can thank our school’s custodians and cleaners for continuously sweeping, mopping, and wiping furniture down in order to keep our school clean.

Maybe if we didn’t have cleaners, people would then notice how much they aren’t doing their jobs, but do you ever notice when they actually do?

If we didn’t have cleaners think about how our school grounds would look. Imagine still throwing your trash on the ground, but now you have nobody to pick it up. Instead of relying on cleaners to do their jobs shouldn’t we just find the nearest trash can and not litter? This makes their lives easier and makes us better people for not polluting our school. Generally each classroom has two garbage cans, how hard is it to carry it there?

A cleaner’s job is to clean the school, not to clean up after you. This means learning to appreciate all that they do in order to provide a safe place to learn.

Maybe some people forget they are doing it and take advantage of cleaners but they are actually human. They do more for us than we think.