Homework is not always a valuable part of the learning experience


Mrs. Giancola

Junior Liz Monk gets frustrated while trying to focus on homework.

Andrew Kruszka, Staff Writer

Many students when coming home from a normal day of school have a lot on their minds. I’ll tell you that homework is definitely not one of them.

Homework is never on the minds of students, even when they come home from school. Honestly, the second the student steps out of the classroom he/she forgets how to do whatever they just learned until they walk in tomorrow so they’re not going to be able to do it anyways. Teachers could solve this problem by either staying after with students or by not handing out homework.

Teachers that give out homework should stay after and offer help with it at least two or three times a week, especially math teachers. Most students don’t understand the lesson and before they can ask questions the bell rings, and then they are stuck at home not knowing how to do the assignment.

Also, teachers for certain grades should communicate with each other as far as due dates for major projects. Many students have after school sports, activities, or clubs that they want to attend and although homework is important, they want to get involved.

Since math homework is a big issue for students, we may want to consider having a math lab, similar to how we have a science lab. Students would work on math homework while their teacher is there to help them. It would help students understand the work and even if it takes bringing another period into the day, it would help students.

Some schools have a period during the day where students are assigned to teachers for what is essentially a building-wide study hall. If we adopted this, students would always have an opportunity to work on homework with assistance or get caught up on work.

An assortment of students forget that they even have homework, so the next day in class when the teacher asks, “May I see your homework?” they sit there and say, “I don’t have it.” Well then the student’s grades drop badly to where they have to do all these make up assignments. I understand that students need to be organized and have responsibility, but that’s where the math labs and/or building-wide study hall would come in handy.

Now students should be organized so they know when assignments are due or when big projects are handed out. Nevertheless, when it comes to homework, I feel that teachers should truly look into it and say to themselves what is the best way to help students succeed?