A safer society is what we’re “shooting” for

A safer society is what we're

Katie Igielinski, Staff Writer

I feel that people today take the second amendment too seriously. Many American citizens think that if they do not have a gun by their side at all times they are unprotected. What they don’t take into consideration is that people with bad intentions can get a hold of guns just as easily as people who are just looking for protection.

People can argue that it’s their second amendment right, but I must wonder…do they realize that the second amendment was written in colonial times? Back when there were militias, in which people were serving their country and had to protect their families and peers. Not to mention the fact that they used muskets, not semi-automatic firearms.

Also, how often does the occasion occur where someone needs to pull out a gun and protect themselves? You do not need a handgun with you on your trip to Home Depot.

Another issue would be the SAFE Act. The SAFE Act was designed to enhance consumer protection and reduce fraud by requiring states to establish minimum standards for the licensing and registration for the people who wish to own a gun.

It’s not saying that no one will be able to have guns for any reason whatsoever; it’s just saying that in order to have better protection we need to have a safer society. Many have been against the SAFE Act from the beginning, but I think the real issue is that they don’t really know what the SAFE Act is all about.

I personally do not care for guns and weapons whatsoever. And it’s clear that we could have a society with no guns.

So, I believe that if guns and weapons are here to stay, then we need to take the right precautions as to who can get their hands on them.

My concern is not necessarily criminals. I understand that these individuals can obtain weapons no matter what the law is. My actual concern is the mentally unstable individuals who do not have a criminal record and who walk into a school, or movie theater, or place of employment and start shooting.

That’s why there should be background checks and mental health evaluations before anyone is able to own a gun/weapon and the SAFE Act should not be repealed.

That way, if someone is mentally unstable or has had a violent past, then that person will not be able to obtain a weapon. If we do not, I’m sure that more and more innocent people will continue to be hurt and killed.