Buffalo sports evoke mixed emotions

Predictions for next season laced with both optimism and pessimism


Andrew Kruszka

Social studies teacher, Mr. Smith said he thinks the Bills are about the same as they have always been. He adds that after watching some playoff hockey, he thinks the Sabres will need more talent to succeed.

Andrew Kruszka, Staff Writer

Being a Buffalo sports fan is pretty tough, as not many championships happen here, except for the Bandits who have won four. Both the Bills and the Sabres are still waiting to bring home a championship.

The Bills haven’t made it to the playoffs in 16 years. Even though they have made major changes in the past couple of years to try and spark the plug, nothing has really worked. Biology teacher Ms. Piscatelli says that she always will watch them because no matter what they are the home town team and that she’ll never give up on them. Even hiring a head coach like Rex Ryan, who is so energetic, didn’t result in much progress this past season.

The frustrating part is that the Bills have such great talent. Even worse, some would say that they actually have one of the worst salary cap problems in the league.

The Bills released two defensive linemen, Mario Williams, who was willing to take a pay cut, and Marcell Dareus, who was great in the past but had a bad season in 2015. These cuts are questionable because how can a defensive line be rated number one in the league two years ago, then have a whole coaching staff change, come back the next year and be one of the worst?

We should take it all the way back to when the Bills hired Rex Ryan. It was a decent decision but not the best coach they could have had. Senior Denver Smith believes that the Bills should just get a whole new coaching staff and forget about Rex Ryan.

Jim Schwartz was the best candidate for the job. Schwartz was the defensive coordinator the year before when our defense was one of the best in the league, so the Bills should have just promoted him.

Anyways, there is way too much talent on this football team to not make a playoff run or even win the division. They play in a division with Super bowl MVP Tom Brady, who is only getting older.

The Miami Dolphins can’t seem to figure out what they are doing. Furthermore, the New York Jets have an outstanding defense but the Bills beat them twice last year.

Both Ms. Piscatelli and Denver Smith believe that the Bills will be sub 500 and not make the playoffs.

The Bill’s upcoming season should be a good one, and as fans we should stick with them no matter what, because watching them every Sunday knowing they’re the home town team is a great feeling.

Sabres fans can be optimistic

Well now let’s go on to the other Buffalo sports team that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in history and has disappointed all of us in these past couple of years.

Sadly, the Sabres have gotten rid of our team captains in most of the last trade deadlines or have tried to lose to get a good draft pick.

Rookies Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart looked pretty much like veterans this year and truly they needed to be. Junior Dakota Baker feels that as rookies both Eichel and Reinhart played well, but he is looking for them to become veterans for next season.

The Sabres, sitting on their 500 record, just couldn’t seem to get over the hump this year but still they seemed to make a boat load of progression. In another season where the playoffs won’t come to Buffalo, at least they showed stages of building.

All in all, the sensations of Jack Eichal and Sam Reinhart are bringing this team together so I believe that the Sabres just need a fresh start for next year, and they will make the playoffs. History teacher Mr. Bohn believes that the Sabres will make a lot of improvement next season and he hopes they’ll be able to compete with the big teams like Florida and Tampa Bay.

Both the Bills and the Sabres haven’t really represented Buffalo sports very well but as fans we need to stand by them, as both teams are so close to getting back to the playoffs.