Travel sports leagues require extra time and effort


Adrianna Heary

This summer, the best place to look for freshman Tanner Olson is on a baseball diamond.

Adrianna Heary, Staff Writer

Many students participate in travel sports leagues. This is harder than it looks – on both the students and the parents.

Freshman Tanner Olson is on Team New Era, a travel baseball team. He said that he has been playing with that organization since he was 9. However, he has been playing baseball/t-ball since he was three.

Olson said that Team New Era is more serious than the school team and that it makes him a better player.

Olson also added that his parents put a lot of effort in for him to play; they do a lot of driving for practices and tournaments, and it is very expensive.

He has practice once a week in the winter in Depew, and four games a week in the summer. Olson mentioned he has traveled to West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Disney (Florida), and Cooperstown.

Freshman Donovan Nephew plays lacrosse. He plays for two travel teams: Champions and Newtown.

Nephew said he started playing when he was a baby. “My lacrosse stick just kept getting bigger and bigger.”

He said he started playing for the Champions team last year, and he started playing with Newtown when he was 3.

Nephew stated that the practices for Champions are anywhere in the Buffalo area, or West Seneca, and that the Newtown the practices are at the CCC (Cattaraugus Community Center).

Nephew said, “Travel teams get you looked at from colleges; I’ll get an education from lacrosse.”

Nephew acknowledged that his participation on travel teams affects his parents. “They work harder so I can get better.”

Travel teams can be a lot of work, but if you’re dedicated to the sport they can help you get better.