New electives to be offered for the 2016-17 school year


Mrs. Styles said she is looking forward to teaching a class that is centered around the love of reading.

Liz Monk, Staff Writer

In the spring, many high school students sit in the counseling office and make their schedules for the next year, usually choosing the minimum amount of core classes they need to graduate and filling the rest with two things: study halls and/or electives.

The 2016-17 school year is the time to explore, Gowanda High School is currently offering a plethora of new electives for students.

Cultural Crafts – Mrs. Mohr

Cultural Crafts is a new course being offered by the art department. The class was recommended by the GCS Indian Education Committee, according to Mrs. Mohr, art teacher, who will be teaching the class.

The class will include several local Native American artists and is aiming to incorporate Native culture into the school curriculum.  

“The committee recommended that the district offer more electives that were more inclusive of Native American culture,” said Mrs. Mohr.

Conceptual Physics – Mr. Izard

Anyone who has taken physics and wanted to gain a better knowledge of the subject might want to consider taking conceptual physics. According to the class’ teacher, Mr. Izard, it will be a more hands-on version of the basic physics class.

“It’s mostly taking mechanics and stretching it out at a slower pace,” said Mr. Izard. Mechanics is the part of physics that deals with motion.

It will be a non-regents class, similar to consumer chemistry.

Book Club – Mrs. Styles

“I feel like fiction is being taken out of English. I think it’s important for students to read fiction,” said Mrs. Styles. That’s why she will be in charge of book club next school year.

The class will focus around several fictional books and students will have time to discuss the books they have read, a pleasant change from the classic English class. No five paragraph essays about how this is related to that, or how the author uses literary elements to prove a point; just casual reading and having a nice conversation about what you’ve read.

According to Mrs. Styles, the class will be a more laid back, discussion-based class, to give students one period of relaxation during their usually stressful days. And isn’t that what electives should be about? Helping students to pursue their passions and have some enjoyment in their day.  

If you’re looking to add some variety to your school day, try a new elective!