Kruszka predicts victory over the Jets, in spite of a lackluster Bills season opener

Kruszka's commentary

A week 1 matchup set up to be a good one for the Buffalo Bills as they faced off against the Baltimore Ravens. However, it was one heck of a poor offensive game by the Bills, as they couldn’t get anything across until late in the second quarter when Coach Rex Ryan took a gamble going for it on 4th and goal.

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor handed the ball off to running back LeSean McCoy for a 1-yard touchdown. Before that the Ravens had put a 10 spot up on the board, so it was a 10-7 deficit the Bills faced going into halftime.

Buffalo received the kick to start the second half and created a nice drive, using almost eight minutes. The drive was not capped off though, because kicker Dan Carpenter missed a 49-yard field goal that would have tied the game.

Then in the third quarter, some poor clock management was evident with a 3rd and 16 deep in the Bills zone. They wasted a time out because the play clock was expiring.

Again, they wasted their second timeout on a 3rd and 6 early in the 4th quarter.

So the Bills wasted two of their three time outs in the second half for questionable reasons.

Ultimately, it came down to a 3rd and 1 stop that the defense needed to make to get the ball back for one last chance, but the Ravens converted and made the 1st down.

Baltimore topped the Bills in a very defensive match up, 13-7. This was a game that would have been huge for the Bills to win, but they lost.

So that leaves the question again for Bills fans: do we give up on them this early? Well, I definitely will not, but they certainly need to figure out their offensive issues or it could be another long losing season.

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor really needs to connect with second wide receiver Robert Woods and tight end Charles Clay, so the opponent’s defense doesn’t think the ball is going to Sammy Watkins all the time.

The Bills’ problems need to be solved very quickly because they face a week two match-up against division rival, the New York Jets (0-1) in a Thursday-night home opener.

I’m calling for a 20-16 win over the Jets. The Bills offense will definitely need to kick it into gear though if they want to avoid a devastating loss (which would put them at 0-2).