Buffalo bounces back against Arizona

Kruszka's commentary

Andrew Kruszka, Staff Writer

The Buffalo Bills (0-2) had a lot of questions to answer in their week three matchup against the Arizona Cardinals (1-1). One was probably whether Head Coach Rex Ryan would keep his job if they lost.

Well the Bills started the game off astoundingly as they jumped out to a 10-0 lead after the first quarter.

The defense barreled through, playing so well they managed to only allow 7 points in the first half. Buffalo went into the half with a 17-7 lead but don’t get me wrong, they still had work to do.

After the Cardinals received the second-half kickoff, they quickly punted it and gave Buffalo some outstanding field possession, which would lead to a touchdown.

With a 24-7 lead, the Bills did not look back from there, except for a few tough spots, as they pulled off a 33-18 victory.

Some may say that it was the Bills offense that progressed for the victory, but I believe it was the defense that came in strong, creating four interceptions and one fumble return for a touchdown.

Well as for breathing room after the first win, there’s no time for that as the Bills will face off against the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Mass.

Without quarterback Tom Brady, you’d think that maybe the Patriots would show some weakness but they’ve started the season with three victories without him.

The Bills, yes, will have a tough task but there’s no reason why a Bills victory can’t happen. We should use some strategies we used against the Cardinals.

The Bills have to jump out to a big lead just as they did with Arizona. They need to force New England to pass the ball more than they would like to and hope for a great outcome.

My prediction for this week is a Bills victory over the Patriots, 38-34. In a high scoring affair, the Bills defense will create a couple turnovers at the end for a win. GO BILLS!!