Smart phone safety: Be careful what you do with your phone


Mrs. Giancola

Many of us rely on our smart phones all day, every day. Heed the lessons in this story to keep both your phone and your computer safe.

William Sylvia, Staff Writer

What do you do with your phone? This is a simple question that can make a big difference in school and at work.

Why, you may ask? Simple: viruses.

This may seem like an old fear, but viruses are alive and well. Yes, your phone can get a virus and it can mess up things beyond it, for instance your computer.

A few years back, a student teacher here at GHS was not as cautious as he could have been. This student teacher was working for Mr..Bett and Mrs. Smith, the chorus teachers.

His mistake was what he did with his phone. After he connected his phone to Mrs. Smith’s computer, the computer stopped working correctly. After some time the school replaced it, but used parts for Mr. Swanson’s, the band director’s, computer.

Then, Mr. Swanson started having problems.

After a day of checking out the computer, a technology employee asked, “It keeps trying to connect to a certain person’s phone; do you know who that is?

Mr. Swanson remembered and finally, after many years and computers acting funny, the memory and network were cleared.

Why might this matter to you? Well, what if this happened to you?

You probably don’t have your own personal tech team, so learn how to prevent it in the first place.

First off, you can prevent viruses from getting into your phone by using a little extra caution.

  • Avoid Web sites you don’t trust. If you are looking on a forum and someone says, “Go to for one million dollars,” use common sense. Avoid Web sites you just heard of, deals that sound too good to be true, and people you don’t trust.
  • Avoid suspicious apps and downloads. Don’t just go onto an app store and download anything you see. Do some research and background checks. Company not from America? Spelling errors in the title? The least you can do is read reviews!
  • E-mails can have viruses too! When you go through your inbox and see suspicious e-mails from people you don’t know, don’t open them! E-mails can upload a virus to your device just by opening it.

If none of these steps work and your phone has been acting weird lately, don’t spread it!

The minute you connect your phone to a computer and try to do something you could spread the virus.

Viruses could prevent your computer from working at all or delete files you need for school or work.

Smart phone safety is something everyone needs to keep in mind this school year.

Lastly, don’t plug in devices when they don’t need to be plugged in.