Mrs. Giancola

Sophomore Angela Zheng shows her reflective side with a poem that will prompt you to ponder.

Angela Zheng, Guest Poet

I remember my old name

And the name after that and the name after that one

It goes on and on, it doesn’t seem to stop

I am born and then I die and it repeats, like a windmill


I remember the grey cloudy skies and the fear that showed on their faces

My father had died of the black plague and my mother was bedridden

I was once a noble, my name was Mia


I remember the sun in my eyes and the breeze that hits my face

My mother was weak and ill, my father was dead

I was once a sailor, my name was Herald


I remember the darkness in my eyes and the dirt on my clothes

My mother was a baker, and my father too

I was once a miner, my name was Alfred


I remember my empty skinny stomach and the sweat on my back

My mother died in the poisonous gas, and my father was a coward

I was a prisoner of Hitler, my name was Abraham


I remember so much but they do not

I walk around this world with an empty mind

Like a hamster running in his or her wheel

It is a never ending cycle